Monday, September 24, 2007

I have one of those phones. How do I unlock it?

You need
Phone (SIM card removed!)
CA43 or DKU5 cable (Original Nokia with 13 pins)
Software (
Connect cable to computer and phone
Set proper COM cable (must be, between 1 and 9)
Download unlocker, run `install.bat`
Open file c:/bb5_unlocker/logs/bb5_unlocker.cfg with a text editor set proper COM port (1-9)
Run c:/bb5 unlocker/BB5logunlocker.exe
Turn phone on. While it is turning on, click READ PHONE. You should see "DONE"
Click MAKE LOG, a log will be created. This log is used to generate the codes. Wait until you see "DONE".
Log file is in folder LOGS. Start BB5_calc.exe to make the PSW file.
Press button SP UNLOCK and unlock your phone.